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(All timings 8.30pm unless specified earlier)

25/02/23   Sarah Harrison Band  Bursfest 12, Bursledon 2.20pm                                                                   

25/02/23   Soulcatchers Totton recreation, Totton

04/03/23   Soulcatchers The station, Andover

08/04/23   Soulcatchers Chandlers Ford, central club

09/04/23   Southside Band  Jolly Sailor, Calshot 4pm           

21/04/23   Soulcatchers The Swallow, Havant

22/04/23   Sarah Harrison Band Pear tree, Sholing

06/05/23   Soulcatchers Locomotive club, Eastleigh

08/05/23   Southside Band  Sir Walter Tyrell 2pm

13/05/23   Soulcatchers Nursling club, Nursling 

28/05/23   Soulcatchers Eastleigh music festival 1pm

28/05/23   3 Way Split South Western Arms 5pm

03/06/23   Southside Band  Jolly Sailor, Calshot  4pm

17/06/23   Soulcatchers  Armed forces day, Gang Warily 3:30pm

24/06/23   Soulcatchers  Totton recreation, Totton

01/07/23   Soulcatchers  Figgle Fest, Salisbury 9pm

02/07/23   Southside Band  Sir Walter Tyrell 4pm

08/07/23   Soulcatchers Beggars fair, Romsey 12:15pm

08/07/23   When Harri Met Alli  Beggars fair Romsey 3:45pm       

14/07/23   Soulcatchers  Halterworth primary school 7:30pm

15/07/23   Soulcatchers  Hythe pier, Hythe 6:30pm

16/07/23   3 Way Split  South Western Arms 5pm

29/07/23   Sarah Harrison Band  Marwell Resort 7:30pm

12/08/23   Soulcatchers  Chandlers Ford, central club

19/08/23   Soulcatchers   Lee on Solent 7:30pm

20/08/23   Soulcatchers   The Joy, Selsey 3pm

27/08/23   Southside Band  The Anchor Inn Totton 4pm

02/09/23   Soulcatchers  Hambledon Private gig

09/09/23   Soulcatchers  Masonic hall, Andover

16/09/23   Soulcatchers  The Station, Andover

23/09/23   Soulcatchers  Lee Victory Fest 9.30pm

30/09/23   Southside Band  The Jolly Sailor 7pm

01/10/23   3 Way Split  South Western Arms 4pm

06/10/23   3 Way Split   Wellington Arms, Freemantle 10pm

7/10/23     Soulcatchers  Locomotive club, Eastleigh

13/10/23   Soulcatchers  The Swallow, Havant  

11/11/23   Soulcatchers Nursling club

12/11/23   Harrison-West   King Rufus, Eling 6pm

26/11/23   Southside Band  The Jolly Sailor 3pm cancelled

02/12/23   3 Way Split    Concorde club, Eastleigh (private) 7.30pm

03/12/23   Harrison-West  King Rufus, Eling 6pm                 

23/12/23   Soulcatchers   Totton recreation club  

31/12/23   Soulcatchers  NYE Fawley R.B.L. Blackfield


(All timings 8.30pm unless specified earlier)

20/01/24   Southside Band Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport 

03/02/24   Soulcatchers  Romsey British Legion, Romsey

04/02/24   3 Way Split  South Western Arms 4pm

24/02/24  When Harri Met Alli Bursfest 13, Bursledon timings T.B.C

02/03/24   Soulcatchers  Totton Rec T.B.C

06/04/24   Soulcatchers Salisbury Rugbly Club (Private)

07/04/24   3 Way Split  South Western Arms 4pm

27/04/24   Soulcatchers  The Station, Andover

25/05/24   Soulcatchers  Chandlers Ford, central club

02/06/24   3 Way Split  South Western Arms 4pm

29/06/24   Soulcatchers  Locomotive Club, Eastleigh

13/07/24   When Harri Met Alli  Beggars fair Romsey T.B.C

13/07/24   Soulcatchers Beggars fair, Romsey T.B.C

20/07/24   Soulcatchers  Figgle Fest, Salisbury times T.B.C

21/07/24   Southside Band  Sir Walter Tyrell 4pm

17/08/24   Soulcatchers  Selsey Country Club 

24/08/24   Soulcatchers Party in the Park, Marchwood time T.B.C

31/8/24     Soulcatchers  The Jolly Miller, Fareham 

01/09/24   Southside Band  Sir Walter Tyrell 4pm

14/09/24   Soulcatchers  The Station, Andover 

30/11/24   Soulcatchers  Locomotive Club, Eastleigh

14/12/24   Soulcatchers  Chandlers Ford, central club








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