I am hitting my head against the walls, but the walls are giving way

Between The Lines

Released: Aug 05, 2015, © 2015 Sarah Harrison

1.   Between the Lines
2.   Too Busy
3.   Safe
4.   Drop the Ball
5.   Work in Progress
6.   In My Head
7.   Way of Living
8.   Human Nature
9.   Patience of a Saint
10. Moving On
11. If I Could
12. Strip Me Down

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Sarah Harrison - Between the lines
Front cover
Sarah Harrison - Between the lines
Rear cover

Journey Home - Unplugged

Released June 02, 2017, © 2017 Sarah Harrison

1 .  Flight or Fight
2.   Handle With Care
3.   Get it so Wrong
4.   Something's Happening (Insturmental)
5.   Tame the Wild
6.   Dear Man
7.   Get Burnt
8.   Carry Me Through
9.   Protect You
10. Safe
11. For the First Time
12. 9th Cloud
13. Something's Happening Ali Brown
14. Journey Home
15. Nothing Left to Say

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Sarah Harrison - Journey home, unplugged
Front cover
Sarah Harrison - Journey home, unplugged
Rear cover


By Silverhealer on 14 Aug. 2015
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Sarah has a powerful, yet tender voice and a great band behind her. These are strong songs. With material like this she should be playing stadium-sized gigs and taking the US by storm! Great album!

By cl65skip

What an amazing album! Not a bad song on this one. Great lyrics and great songwriting, it's as simple as that. Hope for more to come from such a talent

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