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About Sarah

Sarah’s style is best described as emotional indie/pop/rock, characterised by a deep sense of expression and intent. Sarah’s music is both evocative and accessible, weaving together intricate melodies and thought-provoking lyrics to create a deeply immersive and engaging listening experience. Her ability to capture the raw emotions of the human experience is a hallmark of her artistry, and it is this quality that has earned her such a devoted respect. Whether performing live or recording in the studio, Sarah’s music is always a dynamic and captivating.

Her songwriting is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from her own life experiences. Her lyrics are masterfully crafted, reflecting the depth and complexity of her emotions. Her ability to capture the essence of human life through music is a testament to her exceptional creativity and artistic vision.

To Sarah, her songs are not just pieces of music – they are her babies, each one representing a personal journey. Each song is imbued with meaning, reflecting a seed of an idea or a profound life experience that has been transformed into a rich and powerful musical narrative.

I’m at this bar just thinking – kind of fed up sat here drinking
All the things that we’ve been through – I’m not putting all the blame on you
I may have fed your every need – I may have only seen your greed
Always there trying to break your fall – what was the sense in it all

Sarah’s musical projects

Sarah is involved in multiple musical projects, showcasing her versatility and creativity as a musician. Through her dedication and hard work, Sarah has established herself as a valuable contributor to the musical community, consistently striving to hone her craft and push the boundaries of her art.


The Sarah Harrison Band (SHB) is a vital outlet for Sarah’s creativity and a powerful platform for her to showcase her talents as a songwriter, singer, and musician. The band has been a fixture on the music scene in various formats since the mid-90s, evolving and refining their sound over the years.

Their performances are characterised by highly original and emotional songs, drawn not only from their critically acclaimed album “Between The Lines,” but also from new material. In addition to their original compositions, the band also performs a carefully curated selection of covers that reflect their diverse musical influences.

The Sarah Harrison Band has established themselves as a fixture on the festival circuit and at selected venues that attract audiences who appreciate and enjoy original music.


Sarah is a dynamic and enthusiastic member of The Soulcatchers, a nine-piece Motown Soul band that she has been involved with for the past eight years. She is passionate about the music they play and enjoys every minute of performing with the band.

The Soulcatchers are known for their electrifying live shows, featuring classic hits from iconic artists such as Sam & Dave, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, James Brown, Edwin Starr, and many others. Their energetic performances are guaranteed to get everyone up on their feet, dancing and having a great time.

The Soulcatchers are the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it be weddings, corporate events, festivals, clubs, or pubs. They bring a level of professionalism and energy to every performance, creating a truly memorable experience for all who see them them live.

When Harri Met Alli

When Harri met Alli, comprising Sarah Harrison and Alli Brown, is a remarkable duo that covers classic and contemporary songs. Their extensive repertoire spans from timeless classics by Nina Simone to modern hits by Ed Sheeran, showcasing their versatility and ability to interpret a wide range of musical styles.

Sarah and Alli’s musical partnership was forged whilst playing with The Soulcatchers. Their performances are characterised by a beautiful and powerful vocal interplay, with Alli’s incredible vocal range and natural rapport with the audience perfectly complementing Sarah’s remarkable musicianship and songwriting abilities.

Together, Sarah and Alli create an unforgettable musical experience, one that is guaranteed to leave audiences spellbound and wanting for more.


Southside Band

Sarah is proud to be a part this 8 piece band featuring the crème de la crème of musicians, renowned for their exceptional talent and expertise. Their repertoire consists of a diverse range of blues music, both old and new, designed to cater to the tastes of any audience.

Sarah is thrilled to be performing alongside such incredible musicians, who have worked with legendary artists such as Ben E King, Joe Tex, Patty Labelle, Irma Franklyn, and many others.

The band comprises Dan Kelly, John Rennie, Steve Roberts, Alan Lewis, Tony West, and of course, Sarah Harrison. Each member brings their unique creative flair to the group, resulting in a truly dynamic and cohesive musical experience.

With this high calibre of musicianship and passion for blues music, this band is a true force to be reckoned with.

3 Way Split

Exciting little trio with Ronnie Taylor on Sax, Stuey Walker on Electric Guitar and Sarah Harrison on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar.  These guys have a great reputation for being seasoned pros over the years. Performing at some of the most prestigious venues with signed artists and in their own right these guys are highly respected throughout the music industry.   3 Way Split come together to create such magic,  giving audiences goosebumps and leaving them wanting more.  They incorporate Sarah’s own original songs together with some well loved cover tunes.


This dynamic duo with Tony West on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals and Sarah Harrison on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals give the audience a selection of their music backgrounds.  Up close and personal in the most intimate of surroundings.

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