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Singer, songwriter, lyricist

About Sarah
Sarah Harrison is a favourite amongst musicians and audiences alike for her musical and lyrical writing skills. Her style can be described as emotional indie / pop / rock, full of expression and intent.

Sarah’s lyrics draw from her life experiences and they make you wonder how many experiences a person can have in a life time. She is one of the most creative artists on the South Coast of the UK with a huge number of compositions to her name.

Sarah is self taught on guitar and keyboards, developing her on style based on the musical influences she loved when she grew up. She regards her songs as "her babies". Each single one has a meaning, sprung up from a seed of an idea or experience and developed into a musical life story.

I’m at this bar just thinking - kind of fed up sat here drinking
All the things that we’ve been through - I’m not putting all the blame on you
I may have fed your every need - I may have only seen your greed
Always there trying to break your fall - what was the sense in it all
Sarah Harrison
When Harri Met Alli Gods House Tower 12.30pm
The Soulcatchers Outside Oxford St 2.15pm

The Soulcatchers  2nd October
Chandlers Ford Central Club 8pm

3rd October at the 1865 12pm
Sarah Harrison and the Southampton All Stars

Sarah is involved in a number of different projects


The Sarah Harrison Band (SHB) is Sarah’s vehicle to let off steam and perform her own material. The SHB has been in existence in various formats since the mid 90’s.

Performances include highly original and emotional songs not only from the album “Between The Lines” but also new ones as well as a few selected covers. The latest seats have been occupied for about three years and there is a good feel for Sarah’s songs.

The SHB is popular on the festival circuit and selected venues, that attract audiences who enjoy original music.

The Soulcatchers

Most recently Sarah has  joined The Soulcatchers, a ten piece Motown Soul band, which she has known for the last five years and enjoying every minute of it!

All the classic hits from Sam & Dave, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, James Brown, Edwin Star etc, etc.

The Soulcatchers are ideal for any occasion - weddings, functions, corporate events, festivals, clubs and pubs. Guaranteed to get everybody up on their feet dancing and having a great time!

When Harri Met Alli

When Harri met Alli are -  Sarah Harrison and Alli Brown.
Classic and new covers duo - songs stripped down to the core - ranging from Nina Simone to Ed Sheeran.

The most unlikely pairing met on the music set of The Soulcatchers and together found a very close musical/friendship bond.

The beautiful and powerful vocal tones of Alli Brown are second to none, together with her ability to engage any audience with her natural rapport.
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